Drum/Barrel Lifting


When it comes to handling drums and barrel lifting equipment we have a range of products to help make it a one person task and reduce manual handling lifting strains and injuries.

Using “Squeeze & Turn” technology an electrical clamp and rotate module squeezes from the outside to lift and rotate with a complete 360 degree manipulation. The modular concept allows the lifter to meet the operator s requirements in various environments and industries; including food and drink manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, processing, production and many more.

Custom Design available for all units.

Standard Products Available

(see technical data sheets below):

  • Voyager Squeeze-O-Turn
  • Freedom Stacker
  • Compac Handlers
  • Reel Rotators
  • Drum Rotators



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    Download Voyager ST

    Download Voyager Stacker

    Download Clamp Forward Tipping and Compac

    Download Reel Rotator

    Download Drum Rotator


    360 degrees

    Lifting Capacity


    Lifting Height