UDrive/Self Drive

Mobile Mounted Boom Lifts – Flexible Hire Options

An alternative for self-propelled cherry pickers

'Drive me on a B!'

On just a B license, you can hire one of these fantastic self-drive machines. Here at Cherry Picker we have been supplying and hiring UDrive/ Self Drive units to the Irish market for over 10 years. These light vehicle (under 3.5 tonne) units are an ideal alternative to standard self-propelled cherry pickers because unlike traditional boom lifts you can move the units from site to site allowing you to do several jobs on the same day.

Truck and van mounted booms are ideal for those that work in areas relating to signage, CCTV installation, tree surgeons, building facade maintenance, filming, sports events and festivals.

Call: 01 835 4788 (office)/ 087 277 6622 (Aron)

Email: udrive@cherrypicker.ie

 External Building Maintenance & Repairs

Cherry Picker’s UDrive machines are the ideal solution to access machinery for carrying out external building maintenance. These self-drive units allow you to carry out your work on various locations on site with minimal down time for setting up in between. Our UDrive's are praised by window cleaners due to their ability to setup on the roadside and their extensive outreach counteracts any obstructions at ground level.

Signage/ CCTV/ Streetlight maintenance

UDrives are the perfect transportation when you are working at a height in multiple locations throughout the day. You can leave your own vehicle with us upon the collection of the machine and take the UDrive with you for the duration of your hire. Cherry Picker’s UDrives can allow you to be driving one minute and then working in the air within three minutes! You can never underestimate the efficiency of a self-drive unit.

Tree Surgery/Hedge Trimming

Our UDrive’s are the machine of choice among tree surgeons working on the road side. The compact and flexible nature of these machines gives you options to park up directly beneath your working area or, if ground space is restricted, you can park at some distance away from your working area and the impressive outreach of the UDrive will cover you to extend over any obstructions or unlevel ground.

Long Term Self-Drive Access Platform Hire

At Cherry Picker, we pride ourselves on our relationship with our long-term hire customers.

Have you considered the many benefits of taking one of our UDrive's on a long-term hire?

  •  - Eliminate maintenance costs (servicing/6-monthly certification/road tax/DOE/all fair wear and tear)
  •  - Tax-deductible as an expense against your company
  •  - Much lower hire rates
  •  - Set monthly rates
  •  - Emergency breakdown cover

Hire our UDrives for a number of years


Truck and Van Mounted Boom Lift Cherry Picker Hire

Easy to Hire

All you require to drive one of these units is a clean B license and away you go. With the option of daily, weekly or long-term hire we’re sure that once you hire or buy a UDrive/self-drive unit you won’t go back to the traditional options.

Call 01 835 4788 / 087 277 6622 and speak to Aron at our UDrive desk. You can also email us on udrive@cherrypicker.ie.

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