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Save Time and Increase Safety on Site with Scissor Lifts

Battery operated scissor lifts are ideal for indoor use on level ground due to the low level of noise produced by the cherry pickers as well as having no fume emissions. Scissor lifts are a safe and efficient alternative to scaffolding and ladders. These vertical MEWPs also increase on-site productivity due to reduced setup and climbing time required. The user can work comfortably and freely from the platform which has ample space and lifting capacity for the user(s) and their tools.

Battery powered scissor lifts are frequently supplied to those working in painting, plumbing, carpentry, welding, fabrication, electrical maintenance, property management, air conditioning, lighting and CCTV systems repairs. Cherry Picker’s battery scissor lifts have models that are compact enough to fit through narrow doorways making it easy to transport this machine within buildings. In the case of lower entrances, these aerial platforms can also come with collapsible guardrails which allow the user to easily reduce the stowed height of the unit for even more comfortable and accessible transportation. These platforms also extended out an additional 1m while you are elevated to allow you to overcome objects on the ground.

If you are carrying out work outdoors or on rough terrain, diesel powered scissor lifts are ideal for outdoor us. Unlike the battery scissor lifts, these cherry pickers come in both two and four wheel drive making them well-suited for use on rough terrain. Diesel powered aerial platforms are frequently supplied to those working in warehouse construction, roofing, external property management and CCTV systems maintenance.

Driving these scissor lifts is exceptionally easy as the flexible pendulum allows the user to drive the unit while walking alongside it on the ground or to drive while positioned in the basket.

This allows for far greater flexibility when working at a height as the machine can be re-positioned easily without being required to leave the machine and set up once again in a new position. For safety many scissor lifts come equipped with a creep drive speed setting for those working in tight spaces where navigating between and around obstructions is necessary.

Cherry Picker are suppliers of Genie, LGMG, Snorkel, PopUp and Haulotte scissor lifts.