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Why Genie Hoists Stand Out Among Other Industry Brands

In the dynamic world of material handling and construction, selecting the appropriate hoist is crucial for ensuring project efficiency, safety, and overall success. With a wealth of hoist brands vying for attention, each touting their superior qualities, making an informed decision can be a daunting task. To navigate this complex landscape, it is essential to consider the specific requirements of your project. 

Factors such as the weight and size of the materials being lifted, the height required, and the frequency of use play a significant role in determining the most suitable hoist type and capacity.

Additionally, safety should be paramount in your decision-making process. Prioritise hoists that adhere to stringent safety standards and offer features such as overload protection, emergency lowering mechanisms, and robust safety barriers. Reputable hoist brands will proudly showcase their commitment to safety, providing assurance and peace of mind.

By carefully evaluating your project needs and prioritising safety, you can confidently select the right hoist, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and incident-free operation that contributes to the overall success of your project. And when it comes to making a wise investment, Genie hoist clearly stands out as the leading choice. Below, we explore the reasons why Genie hoist is the preferred brand among professionals in the industry.

Proven Track Record

Genie is a brand that has been synonymous with quality and reliability for decades. With a rich history dating back to 1966, Genie has consistently delivered cutting-edge lifting solutions. Their hoists have been used in various industries, including construction, maintenance and entertainment, earning them a reputation for durability and dependability.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Genie hoists are designed with the latest technological advancements to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. They incorporate innovations such as variable speed control, precise load handling and intuitive user interfaces. These features not only enhance the hoist’s performance but also make it user-friendly, allowing operators to work efficiently and safely.

Safety First

When it comes to lifting heavy loads, safety should always be the top priority. Genie hoists are engineered with safety in mind. They come equipped with features like overload protection, emergency stop buttons and robust braking systems. These safety measures ensure that both operators and the materials being lifted are protected, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries on the job site.

Wide Range of Options

Genie offers a diverse range of hoists to cater to various applications and project requirements. Whether you need a compact and portable hoist for tight spaces or a heavy-duty hoist for lifting substantial loads, Genie has you covered. Their extensive product line includes electric and manual hoists, making it easy to find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

While Genie hoists are known for their quality, they also offer excellent value for money. When you invest in a Genie hoist for sale, you are getting a product that not only performs exceptionally well but also has a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. This cost-effectiveness translates to significant savings in the long run.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is a crucial consideration for any business. Genie takes this seriously and is dedicated to producing eco-friendly hoists that meet industry standards for sustainability. By choosing a Genie hoist, you are not only investing in quality but also supporting a brand that values environmental conservation.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential aspect of ensuring the longevity and performance of any hoist. Genie hoists are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. They are built with readily accessible components, making it simpler for technicians to perform routine inspections and repairs, ultimately minimising downtime.

Be Confident When Choosing a Genie Hoist Over Other Alternatives

When it comes to choosing a hoist brand that combines a stellar track record, cutting-edge technology, safety features, versatility, cost-effectiveness, environmental responsibility and ease of maintenance, choosing a Genie hoist emerges as the top choice. Professionals in the industry trust Genie for their lifting needs, and you should too. 

If you are dedicated to making the smart choice by investing in a Genie Hoist for your next project, and experience the difference in performance, reliability and overall satisfaction, then there is only one place you can count on to have a high quality Genie hoist for sale and that is of course, Cherry Picker

To find out more about purchasing a Genie hoist from Cherry Picker then be sure to head over to our website or get in contact with us directly. This can be done by giving us a call on 0818 228 229, by emailing us at or by completing our online contact form and we will be happy to guide you through the process of securing your Genie hoist for sale.

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Exploring our Scissor and Boom Lift Ranges for Hire

We know that when you need lifting equipment for a project it is vital that you can access the right kit, to get the job done effectively and efficiently. For nearly 20 years Cherry Picker have been providing standard and bespoke cherry pickers and lifting solutions in the food, construction and pharmaceutical sectors across Ireland. 

We know everything there is to know about lifts and have invested in the newest technology and innovation to provide customers with all the hiring solutions they need. Our many years of expertise make us the go-to company for access equipment and lifting and handling solutions in Ireland.

In this post, we are going to share more details about the different types of scissor and boom lifts you can hire from Cherry Picker. We understand that every customer has their own specific requirements such as lifting height, weight capacity, platform size and access points and we will work with you to ensure we provide the correct option for your project.

Scissor Lifts

We have two types of scissor lift, battery scissors lifts and diesel scissor lifts. They differ in function and use. Battery scissors lifts are great for interior and exterior maintenance. They have a longer run time and are a quieter option for indoor use with non-marking tyres. Examples models include the Genie GS3232 which has a working height of 11.5 metres, the Genie Scissors Lift GS-2632 with a platform height of nearly 8 metres and the UpRight Scissors Lift MX19 with a basket capacity of 227kg and a compact design with stowed dimensions of 7ft height and 5 feet 8 inches length.

Diesel scissors lifts are made for the construction industry with tough four-wheel drive machines. They have positive traction control and are ideal for increasing productivity in demanding outdoor worksites with maximum efficiency. An example is the Genie Scissors Lift GS-5390 RT which is built to tackle the most rigorous jobsite conditions and has on-board diagnostics for easy troubleshooting. It also has a decent alarm as an additional safety feature. 

Boom Lifts

We offer three types of boom lift; diesel articulated boom, battery articulated boom and telescopic boom. Boom lifts are used indoors and outdoors and have both two- and four-wheel drive. Ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications they have a versatile range of lifting options with a combination of up, out and over positioning capabilities and outreach that’s second to none. 

Examples of diesel boom lifts include the Genie Z45/25 4×4 which has a 6ft inside turning radius for excellent manoeuvrability, an all-steel platform lift for up to 227kg and self-levelling platform for precise positioning and easy operation. There is also the Niftylift HR12 Heightrider with compact dimensions and a reputation for being reliable and versatile.

Battery articulated booms include three machines from Haulotte, NiftyLIft and UpRight. The Haulotte vertical mast boom is the ideal platform for difficult- to-reach places and ideal for maintenance and warehouse stock checks. The Niftylift HR12 Heightrider has a powerful four wheel drive system and is viewed as one of the most complete 12m (40ft) self propelled boom lifts available as it is perfect for reaching up and over all kinds of obstacles. The largest in the range is the UpRight Battery Articulated Boom AB38. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use with a working height of up to 13.5m, 6.1m working outreach and 5.4m clearance height.

The last model in the Boom lift range is the Genie S85 Telescopic Boom. With a working height of nearly 30 metres (27.9m) It offers 360⁰ continuous rotation turntable for quick positioning and a self-leveling platform with hydraulic platform rotation.  

What are the Next Steps?

If you would like to speak to our expert team about your lifting and access needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have 20 years’ experience of supplying all types of platforms and lifts for hire across Ireland including Dublin and the surrounding counties. There are several ways to contact us. You can call 1890 228 229 or 01 835 4788 , email us at or send us your details via our contact form. Let our experts help you choose the right access platform to meet your needs.

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The Benefits of Hoist Hire as Opposed to Buying Outright

When it comes to lifting heavy loads and ensuring the smooth progression of construction projects, having the right equipment is crucial. Hoists, which are devices used for lifting or lowering loads, play a vital role in various industries such as construction, manufacturing and logistics. One key decision that businesses and project managers often face is whether to purchase hoists outright or opt for hoist hire. In this post, we explore the benefits of choosing hoist hire over making a permanent purchase.


Investing in hoists involves significant upfront costs, including the purchase price, maintenance, storage and eventual disposal. On the contrary, hoist hire eliminates the need for a large upfront investment. Businesses can allocate their capital more efficiently by renting the equipment only when needed, thus maintaining a healthier cash flow and staying within budget.

Flexibility and Scalability

Projects often have fluctuating requirements, and hoist hire provides the flexibility to scale up or down based on the demands of a specific project. Renting hoists allows for easy adjustments in the equipment type and quantity, ensuring that the right resources are available at the right time without the burden of ownership.

Access to Advanced Technology

The technology in the hoist industry is constantly evolving, with newer models incorporating enhanced safety features, improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Opting for hoist hire grants access to the latest and most advanced equipment without the need to continually invest in upgrades or replacements.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repairs are an ongoing aspect of equipment ownership. When renting a hoist, the responsibility for maintenance and repairs typically falls on the rental company. This saves businesses from the hassle of arranging and paying for maintenance services, minimising downtime and ensuring that the equipment operates at its optimal level.

Storage and Transportation

Owning hoists necessitates adequate storage space and transportation arrangements. Renting eliminates these concerns, as the rental company manages the transportation and storage of the equipment when it is not in use. This frees up valuable space in your facility and simplifies logistics.

Trial and Evaluation

Renting a hoist provides an opportunity for businesses to trial different types or models to determine what works best for their specific needs before committing to a purchase. This trial period can help in making informed decisions and selecting the most suitable hoist for future projects.

Compliance and Regulations

Hoist rental companies often ensure that the equipment they provide meets industry standards and compliance requirements. This can save businesses from the responsibility of ensuring compliance and the potential legal implications that can arise from non-compliance.

Environmental Sustainability

Opting for hoist hire aligns with sustainability goals. Sharing equipment across multiple projects reduces the overall demand for manufacturing new units, subsequently lowering the carbon footprint and promoting environmental responsibility.

In conclusion, while purchasing a hoist may be a viable option for certain businesses with consistent and long term needs, hoist hire offers significant advantages in terms of cost-efficiency, flexibility, access to the latest technology, reduced maintenance responsibilities and more. By carefully evaluating the specific requirements of a project or business, one can make an informed decision that maximises efficiency and savings in the long run.

With that being said, if you are interested in discovering a wide range of equipment; including hoists, that we have for hire and for sale at Cherry Picker that you can rest assured conforms to the high quality standards, head over to our website or get in contact with us directly. 

This can be done by giving us a call on 0818 228 229, by emailing us at or by completing our online contact form and we will be happy to guide you through the details of our available lifting equipment as well as point you in the direction of the most suitable hoist for hire that meets your requirements.

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Highlighting the Differences Between Articulated Boom Lifts and Vertical Lifts

Aerial work platforms have become an essential tool in various industries, revolutionising how taks at height are accomplished. Among the diverse types of aerial lifts available, articulated booms and vertical lifts stand out as popular choices. While both serve the purpose of lifting personnel and equipment to elevated areas, they possess distinct features and functionalities that make them suitable for different applications. In this post, we will explore the key differences between articulated booms and vertical lifts, helping you make an informed decision when selecting the right equipment for your specific needs.

Articulated Boom Lifts; Versatility in Motion

Articulated boom lifts are designed for versatility and flexibility. Their unique design consists of multiple hinged sections; or ‘knuckles’, that enable the lift to articulate and extend. This articulation allows for a wider range of motion, making it easier to access tight or obstructed spaces. Here are some notable features and advantages of articulated boom lifts.

  • Manoeuvrability; The ability to bend and rotate at multiple joints allows articulated boom lifts to navigate around obstacles, making them ideal for tasks in confined or complex work environments, such as construction sites of maintenance projects.
  • Outreach; Articulated boom lifts offer impressive horizontal reach, making them suitable for reaching over obstacles or accessing distant areas that may be difficult to reach with other types of lifts.
  • Elevation and Reach; These lifts often provide substantial working heights, allowing workers to access elevated areas with ease. This makes them suitable for tasks like exterior building maintenance, tree trimming and installing signage.
  • Stability; Articulated boom lifts are equipped with stabilising legs that provide enhanced stability when the lift is elevated, thus ensuring the safety of workers at height.

Vertical Lifts; Straightforward Elevation

Vertical lifts as characterised by their straightforward vertical lifting mechanism. These lifts use a scissor-like mechanism to raise and lower the platform. While they may lack the articulation of boom lifts, vertical lifts offer distinct advantages including simplicity.

The uncomplicated vertical lifting motion of vertical lifts makes them easy to operate and maintain. They are often preferred for tasks that require repetitive up and down movements.

They also offer plenty of space available on the platform itself. Vertical lifts feature a larger platform in comparison to many articulated boom lifts, therefore providing more space for workers and equipment. This is advantageous for tasks that require multiple workers or larger tools.

Additionally, they provide decent weight capacity capabilities. Vertical lifts typically have higher weight capacities compared to articulated boom lifts, thus making them suitable for tasks that involve heavy equipment or materials.

Finally, there are their abilities to operate indoors. Vertical lifts are often used indoors for tasks such as facility maintenance, warehousing and installation work due to their compact design and vertical lifting motion.

Choosing the Right Lift for Your Needs

When deciding between an articulated boom lift and a vertical lift, make sure you consider the following factors;

  1. Your work environment; Assess the layout, obstacles and space constraints of your work area. If you require agility and manoeuvrability, an articulated boom lift might be the better choice, for straightforward vertical access, a vertical lift may be more suitable.
  2. The required working height and reach; Be sure to determine the height and reach that is required for your tasks. Articulated boom lifts are excellent for accessing elevated areas with horizontal reach, while vertical lifts are better for vertical elevation.
  3. Your weight and capacity requirements; Remember to consider the weight of personnel, equipment and materials that need to be lifted. Vertical lifts often have higher weight capacities, making them ideal for heavier loads.
  4. The complexity of the task in hand; For intricate tasks that involve reaching over obstacles or navigating around obstacles, an articulated boom lift’s versatility might be invaluable.

Which Lift Will You Choose?

Articulated boom lifts and vertical lifts each offer unique features and benefits that cater to different work scenarios. By understanding the difference between these two types of aerial work platforms, you can make an informed decision that aligns with the requirements of your specific tasks. 

Whether you need the agility of an articulated boom lift or the straightforward vertical elevation of a vertical lift, both options are designed to enhance safety, efficiency and productivity for tasks at height.

Now that you have a better understanding of what lift may be more beneficial to your specific task, why not speak to the experts at Cherry Picker about hiring the relevant lift? This can be done by giving us a call on +353 1 835 4788, by emailing us at or by completing our online contact form.


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Trailer Mounted Boom vs Track Mounted Boom; Choosing the Right Aerial Access

When it comes to accessing elevated work areas, the choice between a trailer mounted boom and a track mounted boom can be challenging. Both options offer unique advantages and are designed to meet specific requirements. That being said, below we compare and contrast these two popular types of aerial access solutions to help you make an informed decision on which is most suitable for your needs.

Mobility and Terrain Adaptability

One of the primary considerations when selecting a boom lift is mobility. A trailer mounted boom is an excellent choice for projects that require frequent transportation. These units can be easily hitched to a vehicle and towed to different job sites, making them highly versatile. However, they may face limitations on rough or uneven terrain, as their wheels are not designed for off-road conditions.

On the other hand, track mounted booms excel in manoeuvring over challenging terrains. Equipped with robust tracks, they offer superior stability and traction. These units can easily navigate over rough or uneven terrain surfaces like construction sites, outdoor events or even on soft ground like sand or mud.

Reach and Working Height

The reach and working height requirements of your project play a crucial role in determining the type of boom lift to choose. Trailer mounted booms typically have lower working heights compared to track mounted booms. They are commonly used for tasks that do not require extreme heights, such as maintenance, repairs or painting on buildings. However, they can still provide an impressive reach of up to 100 feet or more, depending on the model.

Track mounted booms, on the other hand, offer greater working heights and extended outreach capabilities. These units are ideal for accessing tall structures, tree trimming or tasks that require a long reach. They can reach heights of 150 feet or higher, making them suitable for demanding industrial or con projects.

Stabilisation and Versatility

Stability is crucial when working at heights, especially when dealing with uneven or sloped surfaces. Trailer mounted booms typically utilise hydraulic outriggers to stabilise the platform. These outriggers extend from the sides of the trailer and provide a solid base for safe operation. While effective, they may require additional setup time.

In comparison, track mounted booms offer inherent stability due to their robust tracks. The tracks distribute the weight evenly and provide excellent stability on inclines and uneven surfaces. This feature allows operators to work safely and efficiently without the need for time consuming stabilisation.

Application and Accessibility

Consider the specific application and accessibility requirements of your project. Trailer mounted booms are highly suitable for applications that demand frequent relocation. They can be quickly hitched and transported to different sites, making them an excellent choice for contractors who need to move between locations regularly.

Track mounted booms are advantageous for projects that require working in tight or narrow spaces. Their compact size and manoeuvrability allow them to access confined areas such as urban streets, indoor construction sites or crowded event venues.

Which is More Suited to your Project?

Choosing between a trailer mounted boom and a track mounted doom depends on various factors such as mobility, terrain adaptability, reach, stability and application requirements. Trailer mounted booms excel in mobility and versatility, while track mounted booms offer superior terrain adaptability, extended reach and enhanced stability.

Be sure to evaluate your project needs carefully, considering factors such as working height, terrain conditions and accessibility constraints, to make an informed decision. Whether you opt for a trailer mounted boom or a track mounted boom, both options provide efficient and safe aerial access solutions for a wide range of applications.

Need help finding a quality trailer mounted boom or track mounted boom for sale or hire? If so, head over to the Cherry Picker to discover comprehensive and competitively priced options or 

contact us directly by phone on 0818 228 229, by email at or by filling in the relevant information into our online contact form.

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The Advantages of Buying Used Lifting Machinery

When it comes to heavy lifting operations, having reliable machinery that you can count on is crucial for businesses in construction, manufacturing, logistics and various other industries. While new lifting machinery might seem like the obvious choice, there are significant advantages to be gained from buying used lifting machinery. Below, we explore the benefits of opting for pre-owned equipment, including cost savings, reliability and availability, before jumping at the first brand new machine you come across.

Cost Saving

One of the most significant advantages of buying used lifting machinery is the potential for substantial cost savings. New equipment often comes with a hefty price tag due to factors such as depreciation and initial manufacturing costs. By purchasing used machinery, businesses can acquire high quality equipment at a fraction of the cost. This allows significant savings that can be invested into other areas of the business, such as employee training or expansion.

Immediate Availability

Buying new lifting machinery often involves a waiting period at which the equipment is manufactured and delivered. This delay can cause disruptions to project timelines and hinder productivity. On the other hand, used lifting machinery is often readily available. With a wide range of options in the market, businesses can find the right equipment to meet their specific needs and start using it immediately. This quick availability ensures minimal downtime and enables projects to proceed smoothly.

Proven Reliability

Used lifting machinery has a track record of performance and reliability. This is particularly true for well-maintained equipment that has been properly serviced throughout its lifetime. Manufacturers have often fine-tuned their machinery over the years, addressing any issues and improving their overall performance. By choosing used machinery from reputable brands, businesses can benefit from reliable and time-tested equipment that has already proven its durability and efficiency in real world scenarios.

Lower Depreciation

New machinery begins depreciating the moment it is purchased and put into use. By buying used lifting machinery, businesses can avoid the initial depreciation hit. This means that if there is a need to resell the equipment in the future, the potential loss in value would be much smaller in comparison to new machinery. The lower depreciation rate allows for better overall cost management and ensures a higher return on investment.

Flexibility and Customisation

Used lifting equipment provides a wider range of options, allowing businesses to find equipment that fits their specific criteria. Whether it is a specific lifting capacity, size of functionality, the used machinery market offers a diverse selection of equipment that can be customised to meet individual needs. This flexibility enables businesses to choose the right machinery from their projects without having to compromise on performance or features.

Could you Benefit from Buying Used Lifting Equipment rather than New?

While new lifting machinery may seem like the obvious choice, considering the advantages of buying used lifting machinery can be a game-changer for businesses. Cost savings, immediate availability, proven reliability, lower depreciation and customisation options are just some of the benefits that come with purchasing pre-owned equipment. 

By making a well informed decision and thoroughly inspecting the machinery before purchase, businesses can acquire high quality lifting equipment that meets their requirements while significantly reducing costs. Ultimately, buying used lifting machinery is a smart and practical choice for businesses looking to optimise their operations and maximise their returns on investment.

Should you be looking for a specific machine that will make the day to day production of your business much simpler and productive, you may benefit from visiting the Cherry Picker website and taking a thorough look at our used lifting equipment sales. 

If you have any questions about any of our used lifting equipment for sale or simply need some guidance towards the most suitable machine for your requirements, you can get in touch with our team by phone on 0818 228 229, by email at or by filling in the relevant information into our online contact form. We will be happy to guide you through the process of purchasing the used lifting equipment your business needs.

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Exploring the Use of Towable Boom Lifts

Towable boom lifts are the ideal solution for working at high or difficult-to-reach spaces, and are an extremely popular type of lift used in the construction industry. Today our team here at Cherry Picker are here to explore the use of towable boom lifts and how they can benefit your business. Cherry Picker is Ireland’s number one supplier of access platform machinery, and we provide our machinery for both sale and hire to suit each and every customer. 

We have been providing our customers with our standard and bespoke cherry pickers since 1994, and we work with a wide range of businesses and industries from construction, to food, to pharmaceuticals as well as high-profile data centres. If you’d like to learn more about the use of towable boom lifts, and our boom lifts available for sale and hire here at Cherry Picker keep reading.

Towable Boom Lifts

Towable boom lifts are also sometimes known as trailer-mounted boom lifts, and tow-behind boom lifts. They are an extremely popular type of boom lift as they are easy to move and tend to be small enough to fit on a variety of sites. There are a wide range of towable boom lift manufacturers, and they are available in a range of budgets.

Towable boom lifts offer a wide range of advantages to job sites, allowing difficult-to-reach and high places to be easily accessed without any hassle. Towable boom lifts can be used for a number of tasks, such as roofing, window decorating, building maintenance, construction, painting, piping and more. They are used by workers in a wide range of industries from construction, to maintenance, to painting and decorating and more. 

Why Use a Towable Boom Lift?

There are a variety of benefits to using a towable boom lift, one of the main benefits being that they are easily transported. Unlike a traditional boom lift, towable boom lifts can be transported without the use of a delivery service. This makes getting them to their location a much easier task, and also saves you money as you don’t have to use a delivery service. You can bring them to your job location and begin working straight away. They work expertly in areas that might not be able to support a heavy machine fully and are extremely easy to set up and operate. 

Interested in Purchasing or Hiring a Towable Boom Lift?

At Cherry Picker, we have a wide range of boom lifts available for sale and hire, depending on your business needs and requirements. We have both new and used boom lifts on our website, so you can choose one that suits your business requirements exactly. 

We have been providing our machinery to the Irish market for over 20 years, and are certain that we will have a boom lift that will suit you perfectly. With our extensive knowledge and understanding of each cherry picker model that we provide; we are confident that we can help you choose the right machine to suit your needs. If you need any assistance in choosing the correct boom lift for you and your project, contact us today.

Towable Boom Lifts at Cherry Picker

We hope that this post has taught you a bit more about the uses of towable boom lifts, and how your business can benefit from one. 

If you’d like to purchase or hire your towable boom lift from Cherry Picker, contact our team today. You can get in touch with us by filling out our online contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your requirements. Or if you’d prefer, you can give us a call on +353 1 835 4788 or 0818 228 229, or send us an email to

Should you have any questions for our team about our towable boom lifts, or any of our other machinery then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our courteous team is always happy to help and answer any questions that you might have. To view our full range of boom lifts and machinery, visit our website today. 


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A Complete Guide on Boom Certifications

If you are a MEWP operator or own a construction or building maintenance company, then you may be looking at boom certifications for yourself or your staff to complete so that they are able to operate a boom lift. It is a legal requirement that those operating a boom lift have been appropriately trained and authorised to use a boom lift, following OSHA regulations. 

Here at Cherry Picker, we offer a range of training courses including two boom-specific MEWP courses. We understand how important it is to have safe working practices when working at a height, and that keeping yourself and/or your employees safe is vital. We are passionate about helping businesses and individuals to get trained in the most efficient and cost-effective manner and with our new Online Training Platform, it is straightforward. It allows seamless self-paced learning and assessments, and you can monitor your employee’s progress on their course. 

If you’d like to learn more about boom certifications and courses we offer at Cherry Picker, below is an insightful guide.

What is a Boom Lift?

A boom lift for those that don’t know, is a type of aerial lift that lets your workers have access to high, hard-to-reach areas. There are two types of boom lifts – articulating boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts, and they allow for a much higher reach than scissor lifts. They also offer a brilliant range of motion and their outreach capabilities mean they can be used to lift up, over and down for extra difficult places to reach. The boom refers to the arm-like piece that connects from the platform to a grounded base. 

Who are Boom Training Certifications for?

Training certifications are designed for the operators of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and those also looking to renew their operator licences for the respective categories; for example, scissors lift, telescopic and articulated booms.  

Without the correct training in using boom lifts, you could have a serious workplace accident. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your workers are following OSHA regulations and are fully trained in the machinery and equipment that they will be operating. Your employers are not legally able to operate booms with the correct training. 

Boom Certifications at Cherry Picker

At Cherry Picker, we offer a Standard MEWP + Static Boom Training Course, as well as an extended Standard MEWP + Static Boom + Safety Harness Training Course on our new online training platform. Both courses are both blended learning, with a combination of online theory followed by an in-person practical assessment. Both of our boom certifications cover;

  • Legislation and the types and the use of MEWPs
  • Hazards accidents associated with using MEWPs
  • Daily pre-use checks, safety precautions and maintenance requirements
  • Harness in MEWP
  • Positioning, raising and lowering the MEWP safely
  • Covers self-propelled booms (3B), Mobile Vertical (3A) and Static Boom (1B)

We provide full certification tickets once you have completed your training, and they will be valid for three years. You can sign up at any time that suits you, and start studying your theory work immediately. Both of our boom courses take approximately an hour to complete and are fully trainer-led. 

You can now complete all of your theory work fully online and you will only need to book your practical assessment at our office, which is located just outside of Ashbourne in Co. Meath. This practical assessment will take only 30 minutes to complete, so you won’t have to spend much time away from work. We even offer practical assessments on Saturday mornings, making it really convenient to complete this essential part of the training. 

Book your Boom Training Course with Cherry Picker Today

If you’d like to book your boom certification course with Cherry Picker, visit our Training Course Website and book your spot online. Our Standard MEWP (3A) + (3B) Course is €160 per person, our Standard MEWP + Static Boom Course is €190 per person and our Standard MEWP + Safety Harness Course is €190 per person. We also offer a comprehensive Standard MEWP + Static Boom + Safety Harness Training Course for €220.

If you would like to speak with us regarding our courses, or any of the courses that we offer at Cherry Picker feel free to email our team at or give us a call on 0818 228 229 and our team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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All You Need to Know About Boom Lift Hire

If you are interested in a Boom Lift Hire, then the Cherry Picker team can provide you with a solution that ticks all the right boxes in this area. We are leaders in Boom Lift Hire, having many years of experience and having served a wide range of customers across multiple sectors. 

In this informative post, the Cherry Picker team has written about everything you need to know about Boom Lift Hire. Read on to learn more, and if you’d like to get in touch, then please reach out to us via the details below. 

Diesel Articulated Boom

Here at Cherry Picker, the number one option that we offer is the Diesel Articulated Boom, which is well suited for work on construction sites, factories, warehouses and much more. It gives you the chance to get all the best additional working range. It is perfect for outdoor construction, as it comes with lifting versatility, and this aerial platform can be used for indoor applications too if it has a bienergy function.

Battery Articulated Boom

The Battery Articulated Boom is an indoor machine that comes with non-marking tyres ideal for finished flooring, indoor use and on level ground too. It gives you an additional working range, which is suitable for working at a height. 

If you want the reach and the dependable performance to get the job done for indoor and outdoor applications, then the Battery Articulated Boom is perfect for you to hire, whatever the job and however big it is too. We have more than 20 years of experience in the Boom Lift Hire industry.

Telescopic Boom

The Telescopic Boom is ideal for use on any terrain, which is suitable for when outreach is needed. This might be general exterior building and construction work. This model comes with an out and up extension, and is ideal for places that have limited access in construction and industrial applications.

It will give you the opportunity to get straight to the source, and the telescopic boom is an ideal addition to any site. If you want to learn more about this type of Boom Lift Hire, then please contact us today – we can get the machine you need, at the time you need it – ensuring minimal disruption. 

Looking for Boom Lift Hire?

If you are interested in Boom Lift Hire, then there is one business that you can trust 100% in this area and that is Cherry Picker. We are a leading business in the Boom Lift Hire industry, with many years of experience and expertise behind us. Therefore, when you use our Boom Lift Hire services, you will be able to receive exceptional service from beginning to end. Our team will work efficiently to ensure that you get the optimum boom lift for your specific needs and requirements.

Should you like any advice or expertise on Boom Lift Hire, then you can always speak to the team here at Cherry Picker. You can contact us today on the following number +353 1 835 4788 to speak with a member of our team. We can answer any questions you may have, provide you with more details about our services and help you get the right boom lift for your needs and requirements. 

What’s more, if you would like to learn more about our range of Boom Lift Hire services, then you can always visit the Cherry Picker website today. You will find plenty more information about all of our cherry picker hire services, as well as details of the extras that come with our Boom Lift Hire services. 

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We’re Hiring! Office Administrator for our new training company – Who We Are is one of Ireland’s fastest growing training companies. Specialising in Health & Safety training across a variety of industries,’s online training platform offers nationwide training across the construction, hospitality, retail and general trades sectors. The online training platform, which saves all customers a significant amount of time and money, is on track to become a market leader in Ireland and are looking for an enthusiastic part-time office administrator to come on-board.

 The Role are looking for a part-time office administrator to join their team in one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the country – health and safety training. This is a very attractive role for someone looking to work part-time between both home and the office environment.

The successful candidate will:

  • Deal directly with customers via phone/email to facilitate bookings via our online training portal.
  • Assist customers with any questions/queries that they may have regarding our training products and provide any technical support where necessary.
  • Complete all invoicing and process all administration relating to customer payments.
  • Generate, print and post training cards for customers.

Essential Attributes:

  • Office administration experience.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word/Excel and Google Docs/Sheets.
  • The ability to multitask and work under pressure is crucial in this role.
  • The ability to work independently having been given instruction.
  • Have a solid proficiency of working with computers.
  • Fluent English.
  • Good writing skills.
  • Confidence in dealing with clients in a professional manner (via phone and email)

Desirable Attributes:

Knowledge of/experience in the training sector.

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