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How Aerial Platforms Can Help you Maximise Efficiency in the Workplace

Aerial platforms – also known as aerial lifts and AWPs – are pieces of equipment that are used for lifting workers, tools and materials to heights. They’re used in a wide variety of industries, from construction and warehousing to farming, and they are available in different weight and loading capacities to suit every job. 

If you’re looking for ways to increase efficiency in your workplace, then an aerial platform might be the answer. This lift can streamline day-to-day operations for your team whilst improving their safety, increasing accessibility, providing them with visibility and many more benefits. Below, our team at Cherry Picker has outlined how aerial platforms can help you maximise efficiency in the workplace. We are Ireland’s leading supplier of access platform machinery, providing our customers with sales, hire and servicing of a range of machinery and equipment. 

Complete Tasks More Efficiently

Aerial platforms allow businesses to cover large areas more efficiently than they otherwise could, meaning your team will be able to complete tasks at a much faster rate. This enables employees to carry out more jobs within their working day, improving their productivity and boosting your business’s bottom line. Without an aerial platform, your team may have to resort to using traditional lifting methods and equipment, which can take a lot longer to use and cost your business in the long run.

Reduce Employee Fatigue

These platforms can also help to reduce employee fatigue, by providing your team with an elevated platform that allows them to reach heights without having to strain their bodies by climbing ladders. This reduces the amount of physical exertion required to perform their job and helps to prevent long-term injuries and conditions that are caused by repetitive strain. They can also be adjusted and adapted to suit the height of your employees, further helping to reduce fatigue and providing them with the perfect platform necessary to complete their tasks.

Access Hard-to-Reach Areas

Whenever employees need to access hard-to-reach areas, aerial platforms are ideal and they enable your team to reach areas that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to. Some areas can be difficult for traditional equipment to reach, making them inaccessible without an aerial platform. So, this piece of equipment enables employees to complete jobs that would otherwise be impossible. They provide a safe, sturdy and stable platform too, and make it easier for employees to get the job done with optimum efficiency.

Have Increased Visibility

Aerial platforms also give users a bird’s eye view of the area that they’re working in, which is essential for many different jobs. If your employees don’t have good visibility, it can be difficult for them to complete the job and there is a higher chance of errors occurring. Aerial platforms allow them to easily survey, inspect and monitor the area whilst working. This means that your team will be able to keep a close eye on any work being carried out, allowing them to complete the job at a faster rate whilst still keeping them safe.

Keep Employees Safe

Using aerial platforms can also help to keep workers safe and reduce workplace accidents from occurring. When your employees are working at dangerous heights, it’s imperative that you do everything you can to keep them safe and reduce the risk of a fall. Aerial platforms are designed to keep users safe and are often equipped with features like automatic shut-off systems, emergency stop-buttons, slip-resistant surfaces and handrails. So, you can trust that your employees will be safe when working at heights when they use these platforms. 

Looking to Hire an Aerial Platform?

If you’re looking to hire an aerial platform for your job, take a look at our range of aerial platforms available for hire here at Cherry Picker. We are one of Ireland’s leading height-for-hire firms and we have been serving the Dublin, Meath, Louth, Cavan and Kildare areas for over twenty years. We have a variety of different aerial platforms to choose from, including scissor lifts, boom lifts, and various other access platforms. 

Our dedicated team here at Cherry Picker has in-depth knowledge of our aerial platforms, so you will be in safe hands when you decide to hire your AWP from us. We provide our customers with aerial platforms from leading manufacturers too such as Genie, Haulotte, Hire and Nifty; ensuring to provide you with the best aerial platforms in the industry.

We offer our customers complete flexibility when hiring aerial platforms. Whether you’re looking to hire an aerial platform for a day, a week, or even long term we will be able to help. We also provide a delivery and collection service for all hired aerial platforms, saving you time and taking the stress out of the process. All of our aerial platforms for hire are priced affordably too, bringing you the best pieces of equipment for your job at the best prices.

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