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Discussing the Main Differences Between the Scissor Lift and the Cherry Picker

When you have a need to work at height, making sure that you take precautions so you can get the right level of access and complete the job to a high standard while keeping yourself and others safe is essential, and equipment like the scissor lift and the cherry picker can be an ideal way to meet these requirements. 

Aerial work platforms can make great alternatives to ladders, offering a safer and sturdier platform to work at height, they can bear a higher weight load, including multiple people at a time, as well as the tools required, plus there is less mobility involved; without having to repeatedly climbing up and down, which can also help with project efficiency and productivity.

If there is a scissor lift and a cherry picker debate in your head and you are unsure which is most suitable for your project, keep reading to explore some of the benefits associated with each to help you make an informed final decision. 

Introducing the Scissor Lift

Let us start off by looking at the scissor lift vs cherry picker debate with highlighting some of the benefits that scissor lifts can provide. A scissor lift works in a vertical movement, the platform rising with the personnel on it to allow them to get the height and access needed to complete the job. Many scissor lifts offer ample platform space which can be good if multiple people need to be raised or if space is needed for tools and materials. 

A scissor lift is fairly compact and takes up minimal floor space, and this makes it ideal for working in tighter areas, indoor spaces, and places where there is less room for movement and storage. They are typically cheaper as they provide a simpler motion when compared to a cherry picker, offering only elevation and little to no outreach. But if your job only requires vertical movement, scissor lift hire may be the more cost-effective option.

Exploring the Cherry Picker

We have taken a look at how a scissor lift may benefit you, now let us explore the cherry picker and the benefits they can provide your project.

A cherry picker may be more appropriate when greater heights are involved in the project. A cherry picker extends upwards much more than a scissor lift can, and also has the ability for further outreach and can provide better mobility with forward motions too. So if you are trying to access an awkward spot or there is something in the way, and you need to go over it, a cherry picker may be the better option. 

Cherry pickers are great for time saving and productivity, as you are not constantly climbing up and down a ladder to reposition it every time you need to reach something that is slightly out of reach; the arm of the cherry picker can be moved to the location you need it in a quick and easy manner. It can also save time when it comes to setting up instead of having to erect and dismantle scaffolding. 

Compared to scissor lifts, cherry pickers are the more expensive option, however, with the extra range of motion and height that it provides, cherry picker hire is a worthwhile investment. 

Making the Right Choice for your Project

While it is good to compare and try and add up the benefits and drawbacks, ultimately the machine you need will depend on the requirements of your project. Assessing your job and recognising what it involves will be the determining factor for choosing a scissor lift or a cherry picker. The nature of the job, its location, and the number of personnel and tools involved can make the difference between deciding to opt for a scissor lift or looking into cherry picker hire. So taking these factors into account and carrying out risk assessments, will be the best way to make your final decision. 

How Can We Help?

We have scissor lifts and cherry pickers for hire and to purchase, both new and used, and have been providing our range of access solutions in Ireland for more than two decades, so we have plenty of knowledge and experience at our disposal to help you find the most suitable equipment for your project. If you need more clarification on the  scissor lift or cherry picker debate, our team will be happy to help. Head to our website, where you can find our contact information; we would be happy to help with any questions you may have.