Stone-Concrete Slab Vacuum Lifters

ULift Heavy Stone Lifters

Take the weight out of heavy stone lifting with our ULift vacuum lifter. 

Offering lifting capacities of up to 1,000kgs, the ULift is the ideal crane-mounted solution to your vacuum lifting needs when handling concrete products.

With easy-to-swap attachments, the ULift simplifies the entire lifting process of your goods.

Customised attachments are available to suit your specific lifting requirements.

The ULift can be suspended from a crane, a digger/forklift or a winch system.

No installation/connection required - easily interchangeable between cranes - this system has been developed to offer the user an easily installed & very useable lifting system that requires no reeling drums or connection to outside power source - a lifting device with the lowest possible operating & maintenance requirements. The vacuum power of the system is supplied by the advanced dc vacuum pump which requires minimal maintenance.

Stone/Slabs/Marble/Concrete/Slate Lifting

What customers say about Cherry Picker's Vacuum Lifting Equipment

“The vacuum lifter that we purchased from Cherry picker has drastically increased our workshop team's productivity. The physical strain that some of our engineers were feeling at the end of the day has now been totally gotten rid of"

Declan O'Rourke, Galway Cladding LTD

“Cherry Picker's vacuum lift has made a massive difference to our health and safety in our premises. Our engineers would regularly struggle with back pain or pinched fingers lifting the sheets that they work with. This is now something we don't need to worry about!"

Samantha Healion, Dublin Textiles

“The speed at which we are off loading pallets since cherrypicker installed this vacuum machine has dramatically increased. Previously it took 3 staff members too unload the pallets and now it only takes one person. The extension arm is a fantastic help too!"

Domhnaill Ryan, Systech Engineering

“Having struggled to find a permanent solution to lifting our large and heavy sheets of wood within our stores for years, the vacuum lifter that Cherrypicker provided us has been a fantastic addition to the workflow of our team."

Sean Downey, Norwood Systems Ltd

“After a tough decision to reduce our workshop staff numbers from 2-4, the suction unit that Cherry Picker gave us has allowed us to continue almost as normal, without double the workforce on the floor. We couldn't recommend Cherry Picker any more"

Michelle Rooney-Smith, Longford Material Supplies

“Cherry Picker installed a vacuum lifter into our goods out area of our factory and it has really made lift easier for our workers who are preparing pallets of orders for our customers. We have also been able to reduce forklift requirements in this area as a result."

Gordon Dwyer (H&S Manager for Logistics Company)

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