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Stock Pickers; Ideal for reaching stock store at heights

The ideal platforms for picking stock in warehouses

Cherry Picker has expanded its range of platforms by adding stock pickers to its list of products.  These stock pickers are built entirely of aluminium and therefore more lightweight yet very strong.  Compact, easy to handle and only need 1 person to operate.

These stock pickers come in a variety of models ranging from working height of 4M – 8M and are suitable for working in small & confined spaces.


  • Work time reduced – speeds up access time to loading/offloading materials from a height. The platform can be elevated and lowered while moving.
  • Fatigue and accidents halved – operators no longer worn out by going up/down ladders, reduces falls from a height as working in a safe manner, reduced accidents & increase in productivity of employees
  • Labour costs reduced by 50% – 1 operator can now do the work that used to take 2 operators to complete

Ideal usage

The Stock Pickers are also ideal for work environments such as retail, hospitality, health services, education and industrial units.

The range is an electric alternative to manually placed ladders.