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At Cherry Picker, we understand that your time is very valuable. To take the hassle out of the pricing process, it is important that we have all of the information that is required to consider your design. It is also very important that you are fully informed about the type of equipment that you may require.

This process is made easy at Cherry Picker.

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With the option of light duty and heavy duty options to choose from we have lifters to suit every stacking need.

Our bespoke stackers have proven to drastically improve safety and productivity for our customers.

Cherry Picker are proud to provide solutions to our clients working with very limited ground space by building custom-designed lifting equipment.

Our Promise

Cherry Picker understand that every customer has their own requirements that are specific to them.

These include:

lifting height

weight capacity

platform length

platform width

whether or not additional fall protection is required

number of access points

control types required, etc

As a result, we can promise that our customers are provided with stackers that are built to their requirements so the cost is not structured around a unit that goes far beyond their needs.

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In certain environments, where materials are being lifted off of closed-ended pallets, a wide straddle unit may be required.

Using Stackers and Other Lifting Equipment to Increase On-Site Health and Safety

Some of our biggest customers are those working in warehouse environments in which heavy loads of packaging need to be lifted safely to/from storage.

Health and safety regulations require every premises lifting goods such as these to have certified and correct lifting units in place to reduce safety hazards for all staff and customers.

Speak to Cherry Picker today on 01 835 4788 or email to discuss the cost-effective options that are available to you.

Don't leave it too late to put plans in place to increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff while also looking after their health and safety.

Our goods lifts can completely customized to maximize both worker safety and efficiency on site.

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At Cherry Picker, we have worked on some of the most prestigious projects in Ireland's construction history as it has developed long-term relationships with some of the top construction companies in Ireland. Our clients include Google, Facebook, Intel, Amazon, Pfizer, Alkermes, Microsoft and many more. Our many years of expertise make us the go-to company for access equipment and handling solutions in Ireland.

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    What Customers Say about Cherry Pickers Stackers

    “I contacted cherry Picker as I was unsure what machine I needed to help our workforce. The sales team were very helpful and professional and we could not be more happy with the solution the team found for us"

    Andrew Marsh, Dublin (Warehouse Manager)

    “Brian was a massive help to me as I was torn between a few options, the team were very helpful as they looked at our previous process and what we were trying to do and came up with the best solution, could't be happier as I got friendly and honest advice as well as a personalized solution, great stuff!"

    Mark Stapleton ,  Kilkenny (Plant Manager)

    “I contacted the guys in Cherry Picker on behalf of our team as we needed a safer and more efficient way of transporting our goods. While I thought it would be very costly the guys were honest about my requirements and gave me the exact stacker that I needed. Great service and team."

    Damien Curry, Roscrea (Warehouse Operative) 

    “I need a very unusual specification that I thought would be very hard to find. The lads at Cherry Picker sorted out exactly what i needed and even had drawings for me before I bought the unit. Needles to say I was pleasently surprised as they made it easier than I thought it would be"

    Jamie Coggans, Wicklow (Purchasing Manager)

    “We bought a pallet stacker from Cherry Picker  and were very impressed with the assistance and after sales care of the team. The guys even gave us a run through on the correct use of the machine on delivery which was very useful as we had not used a machine like this before. "

    Rois McMorrow, Dublin (Health and Safety Officer)

    “A couple of weeks ago I contacted Cherry Picker through the website as I was hoping to rent a machine for a number of months. However, after speaking to the guys they showed me that a purchase of one of this units would be far cheaper and meet my needs rather than a long-term hire. I was delighted with the honest and friendly service, great team!"

    Tiernan O'Brien, Roscommon (Stores Manager) 

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