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Goods Lift

Goods Lift.  At Cherry Picker, we understand that your time is very valuable. To take the hassle out of the pricing process, it is important that we have all of the information that is required to consider your design. It is also very important that you are fully informed about the type of equipment that you may require.

This process is made easy at Cherry Picker.

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Safety Mesh Cages

Safety Mesh CagesSafety Mesh Cages

For added safety, mesh cages can be installed to goods lifts stop any loose material from falling during the lifting process up to the mezzanine floor.

Bespoke Mobile Lifting Tables

Bespoke Mobile Lifting Tables

Bespoke Mobile Lifting Tables

Our bespoke mobile lifting tables have proven to drastically improve safety and productivity for our customers.

Custom Designed Goods Lifts

Custom Designed Goods LiftsCustom Designed Goods Lifts

Cherry Picker are proud to provide solutions to our clients working with very limited ground space by building custom-designed goods lifts.

Our Promise

Cherry Picker understand that every customer has their own requirements that are specific to them.

These include:

  • Lifting height
  • Weight capacity
  • Platform length
  • Platform width
  • Whether or not an enclosure is required
  • Number of access points
  • Control types required, etc

As a result, we can promise that our customers are provided with smaller goods lifts or larger mezzanine goods lifts that are built to their requirements so the cost is not structured around a unit that goes far beyond their needs.

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Heavy Duty Enclosure

Heavy Duty Enclosure

Heavy Duty Enclosure

In certain environments, where very heavy duty materials are being lifted up to a mezzanine floor, a heavy duty enclosure can be added for extra protection to both the items being lifted and for the users.

Pub Lifting Equipment/ Bar & Restaurant Basement Hoists/ Mezzanine Goods Lifts/ Warehouse Material Lifts

Pub Lifting Equipment

Pub Lifting Equipment.  Some of our biggest customers are those working in the bar/restaurant industry in which heavy loads of kegs, barrels and bottles need to be lifted from a basement storeroom up to the ground level.

  • Mezzanine Goods Lifts
  • Pub Lifting Equipment
  • Basement Hoists
  • Warehouse Material Lifts

Health and safety regulations require every premises lifting goods such as these to have certified and correct lifting units in place to reduce safety hazards for all staff and customers.

Speak to Cherry Picker today on 01 835 4788 or email to discuss the cost-effective options that are available to you.

Don't leave it too late to put plans in place to increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff while also looking after their health and safety.

What customers say about Cherry Picker's Goods Lifts

"Teagasc needed to repurpose a first floor space into a  functioning laboratory for a commercial company. The building did not have a lift, so an external goods lift was required to facilitate installation of laboratory equipment, regular inward movement of consumables and outward movement of the finished product for customers, which is stored in liquid nitrogen containers. It is unsafe to carry heavy containers of liquid nitrogen on stairs, so a goods lift was essential.

Cherrypicker designed and manufactured a bespoke goods lift that fit within the constraints of our on-site requirements. They designed a fully galvanised weatherproofed goods lift that left it totally protected from the elements. This machine now allows the first floor lab space to operate in the same manner as a ground floor lab space."

Stephen Butler - Principal Research Scientist at Teagasc

“The lift that cherry picker designed for us completely changed our working procedures in our warehouse as we could open up our ground floor as pallets were able to go straight up to our upper level for unwrapping. Frank and his team were exceptionally professional and had a wealth of knowledge!”

Sean McNamara - Warehouse Owner, Kells

“Cherry Picker installed a mezzanine lift for our goods in area of our factory and it has drastically improved health and safety as well as staff efficiency. Couldn’t recommend them anymore.”

Michelle - Health and Safety Manager (Logistics Company)

"We purchased a goods lift from Cherrypicker. From start to finish we found Frank very informative and experienced. All of our requirements were met. Our manufacturing required a very large platform (1.6m x 4m) which we found very difficult to source.

Thankfully, Cherry Picker could accommodate our design requirements. The aftercare/service is very professional."

John Kinahan - Managing Director of Redwood Design

“Our workspace layout was in desperate need of upgrading but we needed to store all of our heavy goods on the lower level. The mezzanine goods lift that Cherry Picker installed for us now allows us to store the heavy pallets upstairs and reduces the need to have a forklift on the ground floor.”

James McDonagh - Plastics Manufacturing Company Managing Director

“Cherry Picker manufactured and installed a large mezzanine goods lift in our premises to accommodate the heavy lifting of furniture up into the mezzanine floor of our warehouse.

Since its installation, this unit has proved invaluable for us and has significantly increased our on-site efficiency as well as health and safety. It has drastically improved our productivity.

We would strongly recommend Cherry Picker for the design, build and installation of a mezzanine goods lift to any company with similar requirements.”

Philip Carolan - 1933 Furniture Store, Navan

Our goods lifts can be fitted using a small pit, eliminating the need for users to require a ramp and allowing heavy materials to be placed on the platform easily using a pallet truck.

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At Cherry Picker, we have worked on some of the most prestigious projects in Ireland's construction history as it has developed long-term relationships with some of the top construction companies in Ireland. Our clients include Google, Facebook, Intel, Amazon, Pfizer, Alkermes, Microsoft and many more. Our many years of expertise make us the go-to company for access equipment and handling solutions in Ireland.

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