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Safety Suggestions to Remember when Exploring Boom Lift Hire

Working at height is a common task in industries such as construction and maintenance work, and boom lift hire is a great way to reach higher levels in a sturdier and safer way than a ladder.  

A boom lift is an aerial work platform used to lift people, materials and tools to a higher level, giving them access to areas that are unable to be or unsafe to reach via a ladder. A boom lift features a hydraulic arm to which a bucket or platform is attached, which is where the personnel stand. Jobs such as; construction, window washing, roofing, and warehouse work are some examples of industries that may find boom lift hire useful. 

Understanding and assessing the risks associated with using a boom lift before your boom lift hire is necessary for implementing the appropriate safety precautions to avoid accidents and injuries as much as possible. If you are exploring boom lift hire in Dublin, take a look at some of the safety suggestions listed below. 

Choosing the Correct Lift

Choosing the correct lift at the start of your project is necessary for safety and for completing the task correctly and to a high standard. There are a number of boom lifts available, so taking the time to assess the job that needs doing can help you better understand what you need, in order to complete the project. 

Understanding the nature of the project and its requirements can help you to make an informed, logical decision for your boom lift hire. Considering factors like; the height you need to reach, the weight it will need to take, whether it is an indoor or outdoor task and the terrain it will be resting on, can be helpful when making your decision. 

Trained Operators

First and foremost, making sure the people using and operating the boom lift have the necessary training is essential. Before your boom lift hire, ensure you have the relevant employees in place. Having trained staff to complete this task is necessary for the safety of everybody involved and for getting the project done correctly and safely. Trained staff can also mean the project is completed in a more efficient manner, helping to minimise the risk of mistakes or a lower quality result.


Taking note of your surroundings before using the boom lift is important. You do not want anything or anybody in the way when the boom lift is in operation. You do not want to be moving the lift only to accidentally knock someone over or perhaps have something fall over the side and land on somebody. Assessing the situation before using the boom lift and good communication during its operation can help reduce the risk of these instances. Considering the terrain your lift will be situated on is also important to bear in mind.

Safety Equipment 

Safety equipment is a must when working at height and on a boom lift, so ensuring you have the equipment, such as harnesses, hard hats, and other necessary protective clothing and any other equipment, is important to help protect yourself. Although boom lifts are a safety measure as an alternative to using a ladder, there is still a height risk, and in the event that you slip or fall from the lift, especially if it is in use and in the air, not having additional safety equipment can be incredibly dangerous. 

Being Sensible

Working in a sensible manner when using the boom lift may seem like an obvious consideration, but using our common sense is an important aspect of keeping safe. Standing on the lift properly and not on parts of it that you should not be or leaning out too far may seem obvious, but when you are in the middle of working and focused on the task, it may slip your mind and not standing on the lift in a sensible manner could lead to falls. 

Other sensible considerations to make when using a boom lift could include things like taking note of the weather conditions when you are working outside or making sure not to exceed the height and weight limits. 

Taking the time to assess these factors and risks is incredibly important to avoid jeopardising the safety of yourself or others. 

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