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Our Comprehensive Guide to Scissor Lifts

When working at height in any industrial setting, the number one priority is safety. Workers need to be safe and protected; and any health and safety regulations must be adhered to. The main way to ensure safety is to utilise professional lifting equipment such as scissor lifts, goods lifts and stackers.

In this post, the Cherry Picker team has written a definitive guide to scissor lifts, designed to help those who are interested in hiring one of these pieces of equipment. Read further to learn more, and find out about the variety of solutions that Cherry Picker provides.

What is a Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift is an aerial work platform lift which has a multitude of applications – most commonly in manufacturing and industrial environments. They are designed to lift people up to something and they have the ability to facilitate some tools for whatever work is required. Scissor lifts ensure that all health and safety regulations are met, and that the likelihood of injuries and damage is greatly reduced. 

Ultimately, if you’re working at height on job sites, then a scissor lift is a must as it will make the process for all individuals involved far safer. Scissor lifts ensure optimum safety with their heavy-duty guardrails and they can help to prevent accidents from occurring. 

Scissor lifts typically reach heights as high as 30 feet, and they move in a vertical direction with ease and reliability. They come in mobile solutions, and can be customised to suit the individual requirements of any client in any industry. 

Benefits of Scissor Lifts 

There are many benefits to hiring a scissor lift. First and foremost, they enable you to access difficult-to-reach heights and spots. If you need to reach a spot that is challenging to get to, then having a scissor lift on-site will be especially useful – helping you get to where you need to with ease. When compared to conventional ladders, scissor lifts are exceptionally safe and they have a higher reach too. They also allow for more functional work at height. 

Scissor lifts are surprisingly simple to operate with straightforward controls; operators only need to be trained in using this piece of equipment and MEWP training only takes a couple of hours to complete. Here at Cherry Picker, we can provide you with the training you need too. 

Furthermore, scissor lifts are ideal for places where there is minimal floor space. As they’re so compact, scissor lifts require hardly any space to operate in. Therefore, you can easily use this type of lift and store it away too. Additionally, scissor lifts are economical and versatile choices. You can use a single scissor lift for an entire warehouse, so there’s no need whatsoever to be spending huge amounts of money on multiple pieces of equipment. Not to mention, scissor lifts can remove the need for the likes of scaffolding in some circumstances, which is both time-consuming and costly. 

Coming to Cherry Picker

Here at Cherry Picker, we provide first-class scissor lift hire services for clients in a range of industries and sectors. We offer a multitude of electric and diesel solutions, as well as a selection of boom lifts, that will maximise safety and productivity within your workforce. Whatever your requirements, we can locate the exact scissor lift you need. 

There are a wide range of scissor lifts in our extensive collection from smaller solutions to larger ones; similarly, all of our scissor lift models are ideal for indoors and outdoors applications too. With many years of experience behind us, and previous clients including Google, Facebook, Amazon and Intel, you can trust us as the number one firm in access equipment and handling solutions in Ireland.

Want to Enquire About Scissor Lift Hire?

If you would like to speak to Cherry Picker about scissor lift hire, then please give us a call today on 01 835 4788 or email us directly at Our expert team can walk you through the various cost-effective options that are available to you. Not just this, but we’ll also be able to answer all your queries and provide you with further information. To learn more about Cherry Picker’s other services, head over to our website today.