For over 25 years Cherrypicker have supplied companies in all of the top industries in the Irish Market. Our extensive range of Cherrypickers include Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts, Material Lifts and U-Drive’s.

With our extensive knowledge and understanding of all industries we are confident that we can provide the right solution to meet and exceed your needs, be it in pharmaceutical, construction, entertainment, technology, warehouse and retail, technology or government.

Cherrypicker design, manufacture, service and support access machinery for pharmaceutical companies throughout Ireland. Our highly-experienced team of designers and engineers provide innovative products and solutions that meet and exceed customers’ needs.  Our equipment performs exceptionally in a range of demanding scenarios such as moving cargo to construction and upgrading of plants and labs.

Cherrypicker work hard to ensure that customer needs are met and exceeded. We work closely with our customers to discover the problem that they are trying to resolve and how we can develop a solution. For over 25 years we have worked with a variety of building professionals from Construction Managers and Construction Engineers to Facility Managers and Procurement Managers. This has led us to work on some of the most prestigious construction projects in Ireland and also develop long-term relationships with some of the top construction companies in Ireland.

Entertainment / Theatre
Cherrypicker supply and service boom lifts and push-arounds for studios, locations and special events.  Over the past five years, the entertainment industry is growing in importance to the Irish economy.  Cherrypicker know how important it is to form relationships with customers’ in the entertainment industry. This has led to us recommending specific machines to meet our customers’ needs.  Our Self-Drive vehicle mounted booms are ideal for those that work in areas relating to filming, sports events and festivals.

Warehouse and Retail
Cherrypicker offer a complete selection of lifts, booms and stock pickers that are ideal for the retail industry. Our range of models offer durability and reliability that will keep warehouses and stockrooms running smoothly and efficiently. Our models range from manually operated to battery and diesel models with capacity to reach heights of up to 20 metres.

Technology design
Cherrypicker design, manufacture, service and support access machinery for technology companies in the world. Our ability to customise and build specific machines for customers allow us to keep up with modern trends and be continuously improving.  This has led to Cherrypicker becoming one of the top access machinery companies in Ireland.

Cherrypicker have worked closely with government organisations for over 15 years. Through our superior customer service and products, we have formed long lasting relationships with government organisations such as the defence forces, hospitals and An Garda Síochana.