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  • I attended MEWP training with my colleagues. Alan tailored the training to meet our needs. For me personally the training was specific to the machines that I use.  Alan was able to keep our attention throughout the training. I would definitely recommend MEWP training from Cherrypicker.

    Cherrypicker - DAADAA
  • I was impressed by the practicality of the course.  I have experience driving scissor lifts but I did not have experience driving boom lifts.  I was nervous about driving boom lifts but Alan made me feel comfortable and confident.  His personal interaction with trainees made everyone feel at ease.

    National Gallery of IrelandNational Gallery of Ireland
  • I was renewing my MEWP training certificate.  Alan knew that I was renewing my certificate so kept the training relevant to what I needed. He went over the original material and also added in new material that I did not know. Alan explained things in a way that was easy to understand.

    Americk PackagingAmerick Packaging
  • Alan was a fantastic trainer. He was informative and interesting . I was renewing my certificate so was unsure what to expect. i was pleasantly surprised. I felt I knew everything there was to know but I was wrong.  Alan provided me with in-depth knowledge of the parts of the machines. This is something that I did not think about before.  If you are looking for MEWP training then I would definitely recommend Cherrypicker.

  • It was three years since my last training so I was unsure what to expect but I was very impressed by the training. The training was informative and well structured. I knew exactly how the day would pan out from the start.  Even though this was my second time getting training, I learned new information around health and safety.  Alan was great at instructing us how to use the scissor lifts and boom lifts. I would give it 10 out of 10.

    MTS SecurityMTS Security
  • I was very impressed by the relaxed nature of the training. The trainer Alan was brilliant at making everyone feel comfortable. There was a great mix of people in the class and there was lots of class interaction. Alan was able to answer every question that was asked. He also provided me with information that I did not know before the training.  He explained things in a clear and simple manner by using relevant examples that I was able to relate to.