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  • Summer Home Renovation - Boom Lift
    Summer is here and it’s time for home renovations?

    Are you hoping to renovate and improve your existing or new home? Or maybe you’re selling or letting a property that needs a lift?

    Whichever one you are doing it is important that you think about safety. Be it working on the ground or working at height.  Whether you a builder, contractor or DIY enthusiast it is important that you pick the right equipment and machinery for your job.

    Life is too short for unfortunate accidents that can be easily avoided with the right equipment and machinery. With the change in mentality away from using ladders there has been a switch into now using boom lifts for the tasks that ladders can’t do.

    What can I use a boom lift for?

    Known for its versatility and reliability in a number of jobs and environments, boom lifts are highly revered for their functionality. A boom lift can be used to tackle various DIY jobs like exterior painting, power-washing buildings, and cleaning gutters. If you are working on chimneys, replacing satellite dish or replacing slates on a roof, a boom lift will give you easy access and reduces the time spent on renovating. Another key benefit to a boom lift is how safe it is. It minimizes the risk involved when working at height.

    If your renovation job requires you to work at height and if there is any length of horizontal reach required, then a boom lift is what you need. Our Cherrypicker Boom Lifts are compact, portable, durable and strong enough to help you get your renovation work done more effectively.

    At Cherrypicker we have been supplying and hiring Boom Lift machines for over 15 years.  By listening to our customers’ we provide the right solutions to your renovation problems. Cherrypicker supply all the leading makes of Boom Lifts and other access machinery that will meet your needs.

    Call 01 835 4788 or email marketing@cherrypicker.ie to speak to a member of our team who will happily answer your questions.