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  • What is a GA1 Certification and why is it important?
    What is a GA1 Certification and why is it important?

    Safety is of paramount importance not just for individuals but also the equipment they use. In accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Applications) Regulations 2007 all lifting equipment must be tested and examined by a competent person.

    The GA1 six month / twelve month certifications of machines are essential from a safety perspective and from the viewpoint of cost effective management. Catching a minor fault, that if left, could result in a major issue resulting in injury to personnel, expensive repairs and/or loss of earnings.

    The GA1 certification is carried out every six months for machines carrying and lifting personnel and every twelve months for machines carrying and lifting materials.

    What elements are covered when we service your machine in order to achieve a GA1 Certification?

    A competent member of the Cherrypicker service team can travel to your site, industry or factory at any location in Ireland at a time that is convenient to you. We will test and examine your machinery, lifting equipment and accessories to ensure they are fully compliant with all H.S.A. and legislation requirements.

    On successful completion of the test you will receive a GA1 Certificate, a sticker for display on your machine and a copy of the test report. If your machine is not fully compliant with GA1 standards a written report will be provided recommending the improvements required to comply fully with GA1 standards.

    Some of the elements covered in our GA1 service include:

    – All emergency, tilt & overload alarm functions tested
    – Inspection of hydraulic/engine oil leaks, hoses & fittings
    – Electrical control units, switches & wiring
    – Chassis components, tyres and frame structure
    – Recommend current & future repairs needed

    Cherrypicker are one of the leading companies in servicing all lifting equipment. Our highly experienced team of service engineers work closely with our customers to provide the right solutions to our customers access and lifting problems.

    Contact our experts at 01 835 4788 or email marketing@cherrypicker.ie to discuss any service or access machinery query you may have.