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  • The advantages of hiring U-Drive machines
    The Advantages of Hiring U-Drive machines

    When there is a project that requires you to work at height you will need to ask yourself various questions. Is the project short term or long term? Should I use a powered access platform or U-Drive? Should I rent or buy? What are the advantages of hiring U-Drive machines?

    If the project is short term and requires a U-Drive machine then you should hire. There are a number of advantages of hiring our U-Drive machines.

    You can hire the equipment for as long as the job lasts. There is no need to find room to store hired equipment for the long term. This will save room and the inconvenience of storing it on your premises.

    You can hire exactly what you need for each job, be it our 14 metre, 18 metre or 20 metre U-Drive machine. Unlike traditional Scissor Lifts and Boom lifts you can move the units from site to site allowing you to do several jobs on the same day.

    Customer service
    Here at Cherrypicker we go the extra mile.  Our highly experienced staff will work closely with you to help you decide the right machine for you. We are also dedicated to providing superior customer service to every customer.

    There is less cost involved when you hire a U-Drive machine rather than buying it.  If you are on a budget, hiring our U-Drive is a great way to get your project completed and also have cash in your bank.  Hiring will also give you a taste of how our U-Drive machines work if you are thinking of buying in the future.

    Handy to hire
    All you require to drive one of these units is a clean B licence and away you go. With the option of daily, weekly or long-term hire of the U-Drive machines we are sure that once you hire a U-Drive machine you won’t go back to the traditional options.

    At Cherrypicker we have been supplying and hiring U-Drive machines for over 15 years.  Our U-Drive machines are an ideal alternative to Scissor Lifts and Boom Lifts. Our U-Drive machines are ideal for those that work in areas relating to signage, CCTV installation, tree surgeons, building facade maintenance, filming, sports events and festivals.

    Call 01 835 4788 or email udrive@cherrypicker.ie to speak to a member of our hire team who will happily answer your questions.