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    6 Tips for maintaining your Cherrypicker

    Are you sure that your Cherrypicker is maintained on a regular basis?

    It is vital that you regularly maintain and check your Cherrypicker.

    Cherrypickers are sometimes used less frequently than other machines. This means that many companies think it is ok to relax on maintenance. This should not be the case.  Given the height of some Cherrypickers maintenance is imperative.  If something goes wrong 30ft in the air, serious injury could result.

    Here are 6 maintenance tips for your Cherrypicker:
    1 – Examine your lift before and after every job – Get in the habit of a quick yet concise inspection before and after every job. This ensures that small problems don’t transform into big ones.
    2 – Conduct regular fluid checks – You should regularly check the oil, gas, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid and more. Many lift mishaps are the result of improper fluid levels
    3 – Check tyre pressure – For indoor and outdoor operations tyres are crucial. Just one under-inflated tire could compromise safety.
    4 – Platform of Lifts – Check the lock bolts for tightness. In addition to this it is vital to ensure the safety latches, toe boards, railings and guards are in good condition and working properly.
    5 – Ensure safety equipment is available – Make sure that hats, gloves and harnesses are available.
    6 – Keep log of maintenance work – Once you’ve done your examination before and after a job, keep your records in a log. This document is required, should your lift be involved in an accident. If you can’t prove regular maintenance to the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), you could incur large fines or legal action.

    Maintenance is critical for overall aerial lift safety, and so is proper training. Cherrypicker.ie is one of the top providers of MEWP Training in Ireland.  Our combination of IPAF approved trainers and affordable value cannot be beaten.

    For more information on all of our Aerial Platforms call Andrew on 01 835 4788 or email sales@cherrypicker.ie