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  • Guide to Buying a Used Cherry Picker

    Jun 22, 2015 | Cherry Picker Are you considering buying a used cherry picker but not sure what would suit your needs? Here at Cherry Picker we’ve taken the hassle out of the decision by compiling this guide to help you know what to look for when looking at used scissor lifts / booms lifts / track mounts etc. Download our Cherry Picker Guide today Guide to Buying a Cherry Picker

  • What Your GA1 Certification Covers

    Jul 23, 2014 | Cherry Picker Service, MEWP Training Cherry Picker Machine Service – What’s Covered? Just a quick reminder of some of the basic elements we cover when we service your machine that are required to achieve a GA1 Certification •    All emergency, tilt & overload alarm functions tested •    Inspection of hydraulic/engine oil leaks, hoses & fittings •    Electrical control units, switches & wiring •    Chassis components, tyres and frame structure •    Recommend current & future repairs needed We offer great rates on one off services or 6 services over 3 years. For more information feel free to contact me at 01 8354788 or email me at Hope to hear from you soon !


    Apr 2, 2014 | POP UP Scissor Litfs Cherry Picker Ltd are proud to announce that they are now the Official Irish Distributor for the POP UP  Push Around Range of scissor lifts (both push around and drive around). These units  are designed specifically for low level access and to help users comply with the work at height regulations. Pop Up safe & simple access solutions at your fingertips. Overview of Product Range Pop Up Push Around scissor lifts are mewps designed to provide a safe solution for low level access and to help users comply with work at height regulations. Small and robust, these mewps are built to withstand everyday use on site whilst offering enhanced safety features for low level access Pop Up push around lift – Eco Pop Up push around lift – Eco 6 and 8 models come in platform heights of 1.6m and 2.5m. Pop Up push around lift – Eco is the new name for the original Pop-Up and Pop-Up+. Our simple, low cost range of scissor lifts are designed as a safe access solution when working at height and are in compliance with work at height regulations. These machines offer •    Low acquisition cost •    Auto brakes as standard •    Lightweight design •    Passes through a standard doorway •    Simple to use, easy to maintain •    Working heights of 3.6m and 4.5m       Pop Up push around lift – Pro Pop Up push around lifts – Pro 6, 8 and 10 access platforms come in platform heights of 2m, 2.5m and 3m. The Pop Up push around pro mewps are designed to provide safe access solutions for working at a height. Small and robust scissor lifts, Pop Ups withstand the demands of everyday use on site whilst offering enhanced safety features. […]

  • Ladder Legislation – Key Elements

    Mar 12, 2014 | HSA Legislation Used Ladders Safely as per the Health and Safety Authority Full document  viewable here Key Elements Falls from ladders account for up to 2 fatalities and 220 injuries each year. The total number of non-reportable injuries is higher again. What requirements must I comply with? Every time you use a ladder you must comply with the Work at Height Regulations: You must carry out a Risk Assessment You must only use a ladder where a risk assessment shows that the use of other work equipment is not practical You must ensure that equipment used for work at height is inspected and maintained. When can I use a ladder? Ladders should only be used as work equipment where a risk assessment shows the use of other work equipment is not justified. The work at height regulations do not ban ladders but do require careful consideration to be given to their use. Maintenance and Inspection Detailed Inspection The aim is to establish a system that is robust enough to intervene before ladders become dangerous.

  • Van Mounted Platform Boom – Setting Up Procedures

    Feb 19, 2014 | UDrive Van Mounted Boom Overview of key items to keep in mind when setting up a van mounted unit for operation. Make sure the ground is firm and secure. Look out for manholes & drains etc. Timber can be used depending on ground condition U-Drive needs to be in neutral, making sure hand brake is on. Depress clutch pedal engage PTO lever (between the two seats) and Release clutch pedal If you need max outreach on the 1812 scorpion, pull out the front outriggers to their full extension and ensure locking pins are engaged  Using the four levers on passenger side, deploy the outriggers until they are just touching the ground and check all four. When they are all flat on ground continue bringing them down until you get to the yellow line, wheels must be off the ground and all 5 green lights must be on Go to lower controls on driver’s side, you should have the power led and the OK led lit, if front outriggers are extended you will have the outrigger led lit. Push the lever at lower controls right (towards Cab) for lower controls operation and push the lever left (pointing towards basket) for basket operation. Basket is rated at 200kgs. The levers in the basket are as follows, standing in basket looking at the levers 1st on right up/down, 2nd tele out tele in, 3rd, slew left/right 4th rotate basket left/right, 5th red lever lift collar and push forward or pull back to tilt the basket. Sometimes when you rotate the basket it will not go back to the home position. When this happens keep pushing/pulling the 4th lever and also pull 2nd lever, this will increase the oil flow and basket will rotate back. When bringing the basket down […]