Forklift Training – Course Overview

› Number of Participants:      3 Delegates
› Timeframe:     1,2,3 & 5 Days


It is a legal requirement that all Fork Lift operators receive appropriate training in the safe operation of fork lift trucks. The code of practice for the safe use and operation of Fork Lift Trucks (HSA 2002) outlines both the requirements of employers and operators. In line with the code of practice, we offer a number of courses to suit different levels of driver ability.

1 Day Refresher Course for operators whose licence is expiring or has expired.

2 or 3 Day Course for experienced operators who never have had a licence.

5 Day Course for inexperienced operators.

An initial assessment must be made of all unlicensed operators to determine the course required.

The Objective is that at the end of the course you will:

  • Operate a forklift truck safely, reducing the risk of injury to operators and pedestrians
  • Use safe operating procedure as a matter of habit
  • Be able to Load and Unload safely
  • Be able to Refuel/Recharge forklift trucks safely
  • Be able to assess the risks when handling awkward loads

The training covers both practical and theoretical elements listed below:

  • Rules and guidance for safe driving
  • Daily inspection
  • Operating practices
  • Controls and instruments
  • Maintenance
  • Starting, stopping and steering
  • Manoeuvring
  • Operation of hydraulic control
  • Handling pallets
  • Handling awkward loads

There is both a practical skill test and a written test on completion of this course.